iMastery Labs

Enhancing Learning One Individual At a Time.

iMasteryLabs provides comprehensive solutions for assessment, personalized learning and instruction content needs in your classroom. With our Augmenta Suite of products we are reimagining how teachers teach and students learn.

  • Augmenta Products Suite

    Augmenta Diagnostic Series

    Augmenta Diagnostic Series products provides pinpoint measurement of growth and performance in your classroom. Learn More

  • Augmenta Skill Booster Series

    Augmenta Skill Booster Series products helps assessing knowledge gaps and mastery at a granular skill level to provide personalized instruction. Learn More

  • Augmenta Adaptive Series

    Augmenta Adaptive Series personalizes content to each individual learning need while focusing on mastery thus creating personalized learning paths to success. Learn More

  • Augmenta Coach Series

    Augmenta Coach Series provides robust educational content for classroom instructional and learning activity needs. It is enhanced by OER content. Learn More

“At iMasterylabs we aspire to kindle and sustain a lifelong love for learning and thereby actualize the amazingness of every individual we touch.”
Assessment Solution

Measure growth, performance, knowledge gaps and mastery in your classroom

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Personalized Learning Solution

Personalize learning for each student and measure their growth performance and mastery.

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Test Prep. Solution

Provide personalized learning paths for IIT JEE and NEET and other competitive exams. Focus on knowledge gaps and increasing mastery

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OER Solution

Provide robust open educational resources discovery, standard alignment and consumption for classroom learning.

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